• Cavaillé-Coll Cécile et Emmanuel

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    The basic work on the life and character of Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.

  • Cicchero Jean-Marc

    Cavaillé-Coll - Mode d’emploi, Obed Visuel, 2014

    Illustrated study of various facets of the work of Maison Cavaillé-Coll, testifying to the “work in progress” carried out by the author, a retired organ builder. [Review in La Flûte Harmonique n° 96, p. 91-93.]

  • Douglass Fenner

    Cavaillé-Coll and the Musicians. A Documented Account of His First Thirty Years in Organ Building, 2 volumes, 2 volumes, Raleigh, Sunbury, 1980, 800+734

    ISBN 0-915548-09-7

    Publication of numerous documents from the Cavaillé-Coll archives (letters and studio documents, originals and English translation) preceded by an important historical account.

  • Ebrecht Ronald

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  • Eschbach Jesse

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    The result of many years of in-depth research still in progress, based as much on the Cavaillé-Coll archives as on countless secondary sources, this voluminous essential work is an authority on the whole of Cavaillé-Coll’s work. The texts and comments are mainly in English with French and German versions of the general presentations.

  • Galtier Roland et al.

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    Very rich set of documents in facsimile on the Cavaillé-Coll and their entourage, in particular n° 2/3 page 36; family tree “The Cavaillé: two centuries of organ building”.

  • Guérin ; Cavaillé-Coll Raymond ; Françoise

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    ISBN 978-2-7466-0090-4

  • Hartmann Philippe

    "Quelques aspects méconnus de l’œuvre d’Aristide Cavaillé-Coll", ISOJournal, 5, juillet 1999, 31-39

    Based on his sharing of various “stories that were still going around within the Parisian workshops during the time of [his] apprenticeship,” the author offers interesting elements of analysis of Cavaillé-Coll’s work in its context.

  • Huybens Gilbert

    Aristide Cavaillé-Coll. Liste des travaux exécutés, Lauffen (Allemagne), Orgelbau-Fachverlag Rensch, 1985, 64

    Transcription of the Great Black Book of Orders from the Cavaillé-Coll workshops, listing some 700 projects, recorded by Dom Joseph Kreps in 1949, published and annotated by the musicologist G. Huybens with a trilingual preface.

    Fundamental work for the study of the work of Cavaillé-Coll.

  • Lueders Kurt

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    ISBN 2-90275-700-22

  • Raugel Félix

    Les Grandes Orgues des Églises de Paris et du Département de la Seine, Paris, Fischbacher, 1927

    Numerous historical and descriptive notices, often with a list of owners, representing the state of the instruments (including several organs by Cavaillé-Coll) before the modifications of the “neo-classical” period.

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    ISBN 978-90-6469-848-4