This Chronology, compiled by Georges Lartigau in the course of his research, lists many events in the life of the Cavaillé dynasty, the career of Aristide based on his correspondence and other documents, and the activity of the Master’s successors through the mid-20th century.

  1. 1700 - 1849

    The Cavaillé-Coll dynasty is formed and culminates in the firm Cavaillé-Coll father and son.

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  2. 1850 - 1869

    Aristide Cavaillé-Coll, the sole head of his company, took advantage of the facilities of the Second Empire to dominate the French market.

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  3. 1870 - 1954

    Aristide consolidates his ultimate style then sells his business to Ch. Mutin followed by others until the 2nd World War...

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